Important Information

When purchasing a painting or a fine art print:

I accept PayPal and CashApp

My fine art prints are gieclee prints on acid-free archival paper. UV protective glass is not required, unless the print is in a place where it will receive prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

My printer (who is excellent, by the way) charges by size. therefore, so do I, more or less.

Here are the prices for different sizes:

  • 8×10″ $35.00
  • 10×10 $45.00
  • 10×20″ $50.00
  • 11×14″ $55.00
  • 12×12″ $45.00
  • 12×16″ $50.00
  • 14×14″ $60.00
  • 16×16″ $72.00
  • 16×20″ $90.00

If you want a size you don’see here, let me know, it can probably be done!

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