Winter Sunrise Over the Ohio River from the Clifty Falls Inn                                                   near Madison, Indiana

            I painted this using a photograph that I took from my room at the Inn

Please look through My Gallery and you might find something that you like!  Most of my paintings are for sale, (if they are, the price will be posted),  if not, they are noted NFS. Prints are available of most everything  Price will vary based on the size you want. For print prices, please see the Important Information page.

I am a fairly new artist, so I am keeping my prices reasonable. Prices do not include packaging and shipping costs. If my costs increase in the future, my prices go up.

Follow me on my journey as a new artist, its going to be fun!  I dearly love to paint! I am a native Kentuckian, and find it an amazingly beautiful place! I paint what I love. I am very proud to call myself a Kentucky artist!

My website is still a work in progress. I will be adding a blog page, and a place for your comments, thoughts, ideas.

Karen Bradley Hauck       A Kentucky Artist

Prices of the paintings are listed with the photos in the Gallery. For prices of the prints, please see my Information Page.

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